Creating a flexible photovoltaic fiber

Solar Fiber presenting at GOGBOT, PICNIC and Discovery Festival

The month of september will be a busy month for the team behind Solar Fiber.

At these festivals we plan to present our first working prototypes of a Solar Fiber textile. The second step in the quest to make every sunlit surface on earth energy harvesting!

The agenda:

GOGBOT, Enschede, 6-9 september 2012
An art, music and technology festival.

PICNIC, Amsterdam, 17-18 september 2012
“Come explore how through the power of (connected) technology, consumers and citizens are (re)discovering the ability to take greater control over their lives, causing huge power shifts. The Occupy Movement, Arab Spring, the emergence of local barter economies, microfinance and crowdfunding, democracy 3.0, open design, quantified self, and the explosion of amateur content creation and distribution platforms are examples of the disruption of traditional organizing systems and business models.”

Discovery Festival, Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Eindhoven, 28 september 2012
Discovery Festival is a new innovating nighttime festival that is all about the kick of inventing new things! New science, new art, new music; Discovery festival leads you to exciting roads and forges unique connections.

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