Creating a flexible photovoltaic fiber

Ideas Waiting to Happen

 four days of innovation for techies, creatives and visionairies.

Four Wednesdays in May 2012 were marked around the theme ‘Ideas Waiting To Happen’. The idea is as follows. Let technical scientists, designers and visionaries talk about the latest technology, applications and future visions of Nanotechnology, for example, LED and 3D printing. Then, brainstorm in teams about new applications that until now were not conceivable. Result: hundreds of ideas, some very concrete and immediately realizable. While others are preliminary inspiration for the future.

Too many technical innovations are gathering dust on the shelves. At the same time there is a lot of creativity to make these techniques applicable. Also, design can be more innovative by applying new techniques. Logical, but in practice, these worlds are hard to find and from that idea arose Ideas Waiting To Happen.

In a series of three thematic meetings was zoomed in on a technical topic (Nanotechnology, LED and 3D printing). The first part of the program consisted of getting inspired by a scientist, a designer and a visionary. The second part of the program consisted of creating / brainstorming. The evening was closed each time with a power pitch of the developed ideas. During the final day teams worked their ideas into a concrete product that is realistic and achievable and at the end of the day was pitched to the jury of a delegation of L & P Group, Philips and the organization of Ideas Waiting To Happen.

The honorable mention, assigned by Ideas Waiting To Happen himself, went to Plastic-a-GoGo. Plastic-a-GoGo collects litter (plastic) in developing countries in order to use the solar heat to melt this into a material used for 3D-printing, so for example, tailor-made glasses can be printed. The second prize a € 2,500, – provided by Philips went ArLEDto. A package of hardware and software that allows the most requested technical potential of LED lighting accessible to people who are not technical and can control the technology with hand gestures, music, proximity and wifi. The first prize of € 5000, – the L & P Group was won by Solar Fiber. Yarn (for weaving) that converts sunlight into electrical energy called Solar Fiber.

Solar Fiber team: Marina Toeters, Ralf Jacobs, Aniela Hoitink and Meg Grant.

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