Creating a flexible photovoltaic fiber

About us


Solar Fiber is a group of four enthusiastic designers who met during a brainstorming session organized by Ideas Waiting to Happen.  We are:

Marina Toeters – textile technologist and designer specializing in producing and developing yarns and fashion technology applications.
Ralf Jacobs – technologist and systems engineer working in the high-tech industry.
Aniela Hoitink – research and design | NEFFA translates technology and microbiology into surprising, tangible results in textile.
Meg Grant – maker and designer of wearable electronics and smart textile devices.

Started in May 2012, our motivation is our shared passion for sustainability through innovation.  We believe that our idea for a flexible, fiber-based photovoltaic textile could make a difference to the world.  Ideas and inventions like this shouldn’t remain on the shelf at research institutes, but should be used in everyday life.  We’re trying to make that happen by building easily-understood prototypes and examples of applications for our idea, instead of protecting it with patents.

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