Creating a flexible photovoltaic fiber

Solar Fiber part of NWO Creative industries initiative

We are pleased to announce that Solar Fiber has been included in one of the Strategic Research projects supported by the NWO (Dutch organisation for Scientific Research).  As part of Crafting Wearables: the production of fashionable technology, led by Prof. dr. A.M. Smelik, Solar Fiber will benefit from research and attention from a wide range of participants.
From the press release (only available in Dutch):

The research project ‘Crafting Wearables’ seeks to design wearables (fashion with embedded technology) that are durable, fashionable and commercially viable within the production chain.  In order to achieve this objective, the research group brings together different areas from mode, technology, industry and scientific research in interdisciplinary and interrelated research projects.

Consortium partners: ArtEZ Hogeschool, Audax, Freedom of Creation, INNTEX, MODINT, Philips, Radboud Universiteit, Solar Fiber, Textiel Museum Tilburg, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, XSENS.

More info on the NWO website (in Dutch).

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