Creating a flexible photovoltaic fiber

Gogbot artist talk

Aniela Hoitink and Meg Grant gave an artist/expert talk about Solar Fiber at the Gogbot Festival on 7 September 2012. They were there to explain the concept with proof-of-concept prototypes.

Meg and Aniela presenting the Solar Fiber concept.

Explaining our proof-of-concept.

We integrated fiber optic threads into fabrics and presented them as examples of how a 0.5 mm solar fiber could be used in everyday textile applications. Light travels from the surface of the fiber optic threads to the ends where we placed photodiodes.

Demonstrating our proof-of-concept by connecting a multimeter to the photodiodes and shining a bright light on the embedded optic fibers. The photodiodes generate about 0.5V.

After the presentation there was time for questions and discussion.

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