Creating a flexible photovoltaic fiber

Solar Fiber in “How It Works”

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Thanks “How It Works” for featuring us! More info:

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Solar Fiber in Nieuw Amsterdam #4

Nieuw Amsterdam highlights the city in transition. At a time when established institutions and customary practices increasingly get stuck, we highlight the energy and initiative that brings bottom-up change. The city of the future is not designed on the drawing board, but arises from the power of people and communities.

Nieuw Amsterdam gave attention to Solar fiber in issue number 4.

Nieuw Amsterdam

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Solar shawl @ Week van de Energie

You’ll discover the latest innovations in the field of energy and energy efficiency during theĀ exhibition of the Week van de Energie (Energy Week) at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. From energy shells for existing homes, ceramic fuel cells, online tools that preserve monuments, sensor-controlled street and business lighting, electric vehicles, smart energy meters, to units with solar panels, off-grid charging equipment for electric tools, e-bikes for food distribution, textiles that generate solar energy, solar phone chargers, fish / plant breeding systems and much more.

Solar fiber is exhibiting the Solar Shawl.
Pakhuis de Zwijger – Piet Heinkade 179 in Amsterdam
Sunday 14 – Friday 19 September 2014

Solar fiber @ week van de energie

Solar fiber @ week van de energie

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Museum de Kantfabriek

From March 23rd till September 28th 2014, Museum de Kantfabriek (Lace Factory Museum) hosts the exhibition Tradition meets the future: from regional costumes to intelligent textiles.

Museum de Kantfabriek presents this exhibition with a vision of the development of textile and fashion on the basis of two extremes: traditional regional costumes and intelligent textiles. Some of Solar Fiber’s prototypes are included in the exhibition.

Museum de Kantfabriek shows that the textile industry was the beginning of economic prosperity in the region of Northern Limburg. The soil was poor, so sheep were kept for fertilization. Their wool was spun and woven in winter-time and farmers also grew flax to make linen. Nowhere else in the Netherlands was weaving done at home on such a large scale. Thus a knowledge area for textile industry arose, of which we can still find the traces.

Museum de Kantfabriek

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New prototype – the solar shawl

Marina and Ralf have developed our latest prototype: the solar shawl. The fabric was woven by Van Den Acker textile manufacturers, and then the shawl was constructed and the electronics integrated.

Solar Shawl

The amount of energy being generated is displayed in real-time on the shawl itself. The model is Daisy van Loenhout.

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